Coca-Cola "The ZERO must stand"

Penalty shoot-out against Manuel Neuer

Is there a football fan who doesn’t dream of shooting a goal in a penalty shoot out against world-class goal keeper Manuel Neuer? Coke ZERO makes this dream a reality in the duel of the year: Manuel Neuer against YOU.

This interactive penalty shoot-out takes place on the CokeZero Brand Channel on YouTube.

The channel was completely revamped and the videos were given interactive elements – something that was then digital state-of-the-art. For the penalty shoot-out, filmed with a helmet camera in POV perspective to make it feel authentic, the user stands in front of the goal with Manuel Neuer in person as keeper. The slogan is: The ZERO must stand – with the result and also with the calories.

A click in the goal places the shot in the chosen corner and triggers a reaction video. Run-up, take a shot and ….what the heck is Neuer up to? In a karate suit he is saving the balls like a Ninja- Then as Sepp Maier. Then Neuer reaches out of the video and presses the player’s stop button. And why is a granny with a Zimmer frame wandering around in the penalty area? With this penalty shoot-out anything can happen. More than 30 different and sometimes bizarre reactions from Manuel Neuer await the goal kicker. After the penalty shoot-out, he is interviewed by sports presenter Jessica Kastrop – of course about the most important game of the year – the one against the user.

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