La Roche-Posay Monsterthek (Monster activity library)

A Monster to the Rescue!

Why does my skin itch and hurt? And why do I need to put cream on every day? When children suffer from neurodermatitis, they have a lot of questions that parents find difficult to give a child-friendly answer to. Furthermore, an environmental analysis found that producers of cosmetics for the German pharmacies industry have failed to reach out to children as the actual target group for neurodermatitis. But luckily, Scholz & Volkmer has now invented the Kritze Kratze Monster (scritchy scratchy monster) to come to their rescue.

Kritze Kratze, the loveable blue monster, gives neurodermatitis a face that children can associate with – not the face of a hero but of the disease itself. This is because children need to come to terms with the fact that they will very probably have this skin complaint for the rest of their lives. This clumsy protagonist playfully teaches the little ones how to deal with neurodermatitis and in turn, it helps to relieve their misery.

Whether it is the “putting-on-the-cream” song, paper models to print, reading or audio books, the contents that Scholz & Volkmer designed and produced are both child-friendly and educational. Collated under the name “Monsterthek” (Monster activity library) these materials can be found in the neurodermatitis section on the La Roche-Posay website and downloaded for free. These materials do not only serve the children well, but also the parents, as they are fun to use and help make their lives easier too.

“Now that my 3-year-old daughter knows the “Kritze Kratze” song, putting her cream on is no problem at all. Thank you!”

Christiane K. on Facebook 

The invariably positive feedback from parents shows that the team with their Kritze Kratze Monster has created something that really helps. It is an important step for the brand La Roche-Posay, whose mission it is to make life easier for those with sensitive skin and particularly with neurodermatitis. 

To the Monsterthek (monster activity library)

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