Deutsche Bahn Campaign "Das ist grün"

131 green reasons

Riese & Müller website relaunch

Selling e-bikes without an online shop

Mezzo Mix Kiezfluencer (Local social influencer)

Der Kiezfluencer

USM Haller

A classic in a new light



The CO2 App – against climate change.


Sustainability for Agencies

"The more participate, the better it will be for all of us. Companies, agencies and customers ought to take a stand on it", says Michael Volkmer to HORIZONT.

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Michael Volkmer on air

Micheal Volkmer talks with HUMIQ chief executive Jule Jankowski about Common Good, New Economy and the question, if there is such a thing as "unpolitical entrepreneurship".

New Design for Call a Bike

Together with the Industrial Design Office Barski Design from Frankfurt we designed a new look for the bikes from Call a Bike.

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