Mezzo Mix Kiezfluencer (Local social influencers)

Die Kiezfluencer (The local social influencers)

The buzzword at the moment is “influencer marketing”. But Scholz & Volkmer are not using an Instagram starlet but instead the friendly convenience store shopkeepers, or the “Kiezfluencer” (local social influencers)

Mezzo Mix is has donated backlit banners to the neighbourhoods of convenience store shopkeepers. The trick: Via near field communication (NFC) they can directly communicate with teens when they are within range of their convenience stores (Spätis). In this way, they become local social influencers – or “Kiezfluencer”.

The peak of influencer hype has been reached. Youtubers are losing their authenticity. We need opinion makers who are real people. People like the “Kiezfluenzer.”

Annette Jans, Creative Director, Scholz & Volkmer

Passers- by who hold their mobile phone to the backlit poster automatically open the “Kiezfluencer” videos on their smartphone. This is a charming way for the shopkeepers to make contact with their target group and invite them to come to their convenience store. With great sensitivity, the Scholz & Volkmer film crew managed to get the shopkeepers to be very natural and charismatic in front of the cameras. They sing and dance and at night they even appear in their pyjamas because the content is contextually driven.

Bülent knows that when they print posters of you, you’ve made it as a "Kiezfluencer”.

All that teens need to do to get two free bottles of Mezzo Mix is to show the barcode on their mobile phone, which will automatically be activated via NFC. Mezzo Mix and the “Kiezfluencer” are pushing the campaign on social media and showing the teens the backlit posters of the shopkeepers in their neighbourhood with regional postings. Thus, the target group is only a few steps away from the nearest shopkeeper backlit poster.

Outcome - With the “Kiezfluencer”, Scholz & Volkmer have broken new ground but more than that, with their use of NFC backlit posters, they have taken an original marketing idea onto the streets in order to access target groups for product sampling. A positive side-effect of the “Kiezfluencer” campaign is that it supports local retailers and that is something Scholz & Volkmer, as creators of the Kiezkaufhaus (online shopping from local retailers), are very pleased with.

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