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A classic in a new light

“Our popular modular furniture is now available with lighting” could be regarded as an unspectacular piece of news if we were referring to any old furniture. But in this case we are talking about USM Haller, which for over 50 years has been an internationally-acclaimed design classic. Just to what extent the new electrical options enhance this style icon is something you have to see with your own eyes; for example by taking a look at the new microsite.

Since 1961, the Haller shelving system has been produced with virtually no modification in Muensigen, Switzerland. And second-hand pieces are still so valuable that some choose to acquire them as an investment to withstand financial uncertainties. It is no wonder then that great care is taken with any modification or modernization of this iconic furniture.

With the new model Haller E, a series of contemporary and very useful options have been added: The integration of USB ports, but most importantly of lighting, can very quickly transform the shelving into a walk-in wardrobe or provide clever room lighting.

What does a microsite need to do then in order to convey the usefulness and elegance of this new product? Not a great deal actually. It simply needs to get the large-scale images to do the talking and to make it possible to illuminate them. For this, only very simple and natural interaction is used. Light on, light off – it is as easy as it is impressive. Should the viewer decide to buy the piece of furniture, they can of course configure it to suit their requirements and then directly order it from the integrated online shop.

Special highlights that the team behind the microsite have been rewarded with so far are the Red Dot Award and the Annual Multimedia Award (silver).

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