Lufthansa A380 Special

Think Big

The Airbus A380 is the largest passenger airliner in the world. At least it still is at the moment. But at the time that Scholz & Volkmer were given the brief to present the new flagship of the Lufthansa fleet online to a curious public, construction of the plane was not yet finished. So what was needed the most from the team with this project was imagination. 

Scholz & Volkmer did already have experience with product launches such as premium Montblanc watches, new Leica cameras and innovative Mercedes-Benz vehicle models. But now nothing less than the world’s largest passenger airliner was to be presented on a virtual maiden flight. And because it was still under construction, all the materials were produced in 3D with the collaboration of the Frankfurt specialists from Pixomondo.

“Because the rendering had to be 100% identical to the real thing, we had to constantly liaise with the product manager on the design, materials and navigation paths. Everything had to be correct, down to the last detail, even the direction in which the carpet was laid.”

Philipp Bareiss, Creative Director Scholz & Volkmer

The result was a unique online experience where air travel enthusiasts were not only able to inspect the interior closely, but also to explore the exterior from every angle and all this during a 24h flight from sunrise to sunset.

Interchange between travel classes, spectacular perspectives above the clouds, 3D views from the jet engine to the cockpit – the virtual first flight was ready for take-off in time for the real-life Lufthansa A380 first flight.

Build around you

The advantage of a 3D production is that you don’t have to obey physics. The room appeared around the user while they walked through the separate areas of the aircraft and it appeared almost real due to the precise creation of the materials. During the tour, the user could, for example, adjust the seats in First Class or raise the privacy screen around them. With the use of numerous hotspots, the user was also able to access more details about the features.

“The user experiences the airliner from the perspective of a flight passenger. They can similarly move around in the cabin and also, for example, adjust their seat.” 

Eva Dyck, Etat Directorin Scholz & Volkmer

To this day, the web special is one of the biggest projects in the agency’s history and the A380 is in any case the biggest product that the agency has ever promoted.

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