Riese & Müller website relaunch

Selling e-bikes without an online shop

“What? No online shop? We even buy our cat food and toothpaste online.” Experienced online shoppers could be put out by this at first but there is a reason behind it which makes a lot of sense. The premium e-bike producer Riese & Müller insists on test rides. If you want a model with a motor and frame size that suit you perfectly, then you can only get that by sitting on the bike and testing it out.

Scholz & Volkmer designed and developed the new Riese & Müller website in such a way that the user can find the nearest retailer as quickly as possible – no matter from where they are currently surfing on r-m.de. To this end, all the content is designed to trigger a strong desire to take a test ride.

The photos shot by Scholz & Volkmer in Frankfurt and Barcelona convey a sense of freedom and a yearning for nature. The inspiring corporate language has the reader wishing they were in an e-bike worthy location. The printed look book with its large and life-like images is an alternative concept to the usual product catalogue. 

The user can transfer their pre-configured e-bike, e-cargo bike, or folding bike from the website to the nearest specialist dealer. Then it is time to sit on the saddle. And when everything feels just perfect, even the staunch online shopper will perhaps remember the sweater they ordered last week had to be tried on for size too.

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