She’s Mercedes

Strong Women in the Driving Seat

Women ceased to be silent passengers next to their husbands a long time ago. They are self-reliant, lead their lives the way they want to and can often also change a tyre without the help of a male. With She’s Mercedes, Mercedes-Benz takes account of this societal reality in offline, analogue and digital modes.

She’s Mercedes is a place for inspiration, for exchanging ideas, stories and experiences – a place for networking and for learning from one another. It is available online, as a print magazine and there are networking events in various cities. 

“Cars are seen as the domain of men. Many women are still laughed at for even opening the car bonnet themselves. So it is wonderful that Mercedes-Benz has set this example and that they have given women the feeling that they belong.”

Melodie Michelberger, Co-Founder of TRUST THE GIRLS®

The focus is on exceptional women. In home stories, interviews and portraits, they give insights into their professional and private lives. They share their experiences, successes and failures and give tips that everyone else can profit from. Women with diverse life experiences give us their views. We talk to women who have founded their own companies, artists, designers, scientists, athletes and many more. What they all have in common is the strength to believe in themselves and to inspire others. 

Dynamic technical finesse such as parallaxes and the specific employment of animations make the visit to the platform an experience rich in variety – And it’s on all channels.

The team at Scholz & Volkmer had the task of giving these numerous stories a digital home. For the first time, Mercedes-Benz was specifically targeting a female audience – and this is something that opened up totally new design possibilities for the team to differentiate it from the way the brand normally presents itself. Women’s magazines were ploughed through, blogs researched, various approaches tried out and there was much discussion. In the end the design language that won was clean and modern, with nothing too fancy and no unnecessary details. The content would take centre stage. The magazine-like look of the platform is enhanced by the expressive visual language.

Women are part of Mercedes-Benz and have been since Bertha Benz. With She’s Mercedes they have been given a platform that is truly contemporary.

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