Theatertreffen 2017 (Festival of German language theatre)

A Festival in Print

The Theatertreffen is the most renowned festival of German language theatre and the press has no qualms about calling it “The theatre Oscars”. For its 54th year, it was time to give the image of the Theatertreffen festival a makeover. What was required was no less than a new design concept, which could be used in the future not only for various print applications such as posters or flyers, but also for the Festival Magazine.

Since 1964, the Theatertreffen festival has been an annual event in Berlin. It offers an overview of the latest plays and renditions on distinguished German, Austrian and Swiss stages. The festival is organised by the Berliner Festspiele, one of the largest German institutions for culture with numerous well-known and illustrious events to its name. And it was the director of the Berlin Festspiele, Dr Thomas Oberender who commissioned Scholz & Volkmer to create the design for the print media.

For the Berlin team, who mostly work digitally, creating an editorial design was a welcome challenge. Within a short period of time and with a lot of hard grind, the poster, the programme flyer and the Festival Magazine for the 54th Theatertreffen festival were finished. The design, however, will continue to live on beyond that, as the typography, layout and colour system will continue to be the basis for the design of future promotional material. 

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