Peter Post

Positive Erlebnisse

When it comes to creating user experiences, Peter Post is a real expert, which is why he regularly supports day-to-day project business with the design of positive user experiences. Full of enthusiasm, his heart is always in the latest topics within the industry, such as behavioural design, artificial intelligence, new work, shared value, and design thinking. Nevertheless, he still manages to fit in a private life.

Peter Post was sitting in his office in a design studio in Rotterdam in 2006 when he received a call from former fellow student Michael Volkmer, whose agency he had followed with interest for the previous 10 years. Although we do not know exactly what was said, only six months later, Peter Post and his family moved back from Holland to his former home town, Wiesbaden. At Scholz & Volkmer, he managed a unit with accounts such as Montblanc, Leica, and EnBW for three years, before being asked to join the board of directors.

As director, along with user experience design, Peter Post is primarily responsible for human resources, public relations, and new business. And yet, alongside his leadership responsibilities, he still finds the time to get involved in operational project business. He is particularly interested in complex projects such as developing the Navigator app for Deutsche Bahn or creating the Mercedes-Benz platforms. He provides the teams with assistance in solving multi-dimensional problems and likes working on site and dealing directly with clients.

When collaborating with others, he says that it is essential to take the direct route and therefore advocates working in project offices in which the agency and client collaborate directly under one roof and can rapidly agree on tasks, thereby getting things done more effectively. 

"It is particularly projects like the DB Navigator that have taught us that the conventional decision-making processes and bodies no longer work. With tasks and requirements growing more and more complex, it just isn't enough to appoint contact persons who don’t actually have the power to make decisions on site. This goes for both clients and agency."

Peter Post

What does a UX designer do at S&V? In an initiative with PAGE magazine, Peter Post explains the relatively new profession, answers the interview questions, and invites talented people to a workshop at the agency.

Working in this way requires all those involved to be very flexible and this is one of the reasons why Peter Post is firmly committed to all forms of so-called "new work". As head of Talent Management at Scholz & Volkmer, he is responsible for recruiting young talent. And he has learned that you have to propose work solutions other than the conventional 9-to-5 model in order to attract them.

Self-experiment "Cycling in Wiesbaden": Defying all odds, Peter Post jumps on his e-bike and joins the commuter traffic every morning and evening. It is the most cycle-friendly city in Germany.

Self-experiment "Cycling in Wiesbaden": Defying all odds, Peter Post jumps on his e-bike and joins the commuter traffic every morning and evening. It is the most cycle-friendly city in Germany.

Anybody who has worked with Peter Post knows that he can get enthusiastic about almost any topic and see interesting aspects in every assignment. Perhaps that is why he has personally taken care of all inquiries from new clients at Scholz & Volkmer, which has ultimately led to so many interesting client relationships with big and small brands.

Despite his dedication to the agency, Peter Post still manages to have a private life, which several colleagues can testify to. He has never regretted moving to Wiesbaden and enjoys living here and taking advantage of the benefits of the Rhein-Main area with his family, who still mainly communicate with each other in Dutch.