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Six brands under one roof

Coca-Cola is loved by young and old. But in 2014, teenagers in particular were visiting the Coke, Light, Zero, Fanta, and Sprite brand websites less and less. To attract them back to the website, the brand created nothing less than the "Home of Happiness". With specifically selected content, all visitors can find what they love about their brand there.

Precision marketing is the keyword. Addressing specific target groups from one website was still new territory at the time when the new was launched on the Internet. However, it was the key to reaching younger, new target groups more effectively and to increasing their visit frequency to the website. The concept of the innovative campaign platform for Coca-Cola was developed with this in mind.

Exciting content, sweepstakes, and advertising campaigns were combined on one platform, giving users more than one reason to go to The option of tailoring contents to the interests of the users increased the website's relevance considerably. And this was without the need for registration. In this way, every user found their individual "Home of Happiness". After all, teenagers are interested in very different things to their parents - A good opportunity for Coca-Cola to tell its stories and build "brand love". All Coca-Cola brand websites were connected by the new platform in such a way that the brand experience was always the same individual experience. A social media stream also showed the latest content from Coke and the Coke community.

Schematical developed. Each module is separated from another.

To activate a wider range of consumers, the participation in sweepstakes was simplified. Instead of dated point-collecting mechanisms, everyone was given the chance to win immediately with almost every single Coke. This measure alone increased participation in sweepstakes by 73 % in the first few weeks. All in all, the length of stay at doubled, and the proportion of young users rose by 35 %. And although some may say that you can't please everyone, the "Home of Happiness" has proved the contrary. 

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