Tiny Christmas

Christmas Celebration Scaled Down

Christmas – it is an emotional rollercoaster, a media campaign of epic proportions, stress that lasts for weeks, a gigantic consumption machine. In 2017, Scholz & Volkmer posed the question: Can it not be taken down a notch? Well yes, and it worked. “Tiny Christmas” was an experiment to put the brakes on and scale Christmas down to something more reasonable, with a small and intimate event in a “Tiny House” on the Bauhaus-Campus in Berlin.

The tiny houses of the Tiny House Movement are on the Bauhaus-Campus in Berlin. Here, individual visionaries, such as the architect Van-Bo Le-Mentzel, are developing concepts for future sustainable coexistence, but the topics of social currency and alternative use of resources also play a role. Here it is not the amount of space that is the deciding factor, but rather what you do with it. Every visitor can therefore take a look at this mini town and experience what it is like to live, work and play in a scaled down space.

And then in December we upped the celebration. Scholz & Volkmer rented one of the houses as a Christmas concert venue. The singer song-writer Livy Pear gave an exclusive concert on the Bauhaus Campus, which was quieter, more intimate and moving than concerts on a big stage. Visitors were able to really experience the spirit of Christmas and others could follow it on Facebook via live streaming to take a break from the stresses of daily life.

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