The sustainable alternative to Amazon

Books, delis, cosmetics and more it's all there on our doorstep in cities like Wiesbaden. Nevertheless, online shopping is so much more convenient and saves time. Until now we have taken advantage of these modern-day comforts at the expense of owner-run stores. However, with Kiezkaufhaus, independent retailers in Wiesbaden can now gain the upper hand over online shoppers.

If you live in Wiesbaden and order a book from online retailer Amazon, it's not unusual that the book is delivered from Poland, even if the publisher is based in Frankfurt. This has led to an insane number of delivery trucks on Germany's roads with some 800,000 packages being returned daily, resulting in CO2 emissions of 400 tons for returns alone.

The shift in consumer purchasing to the Internet not only impacts the environment, but also has detrimental effects on local business. Rather than supporting independent local retailers, many people buy from multinational companies which have overwhelming market power. The outcome: A growing number of small stores have had to close, city centres are dying out, and the diversity of products is dropping due to the dwindling number of specialist stores.

„Kiezkaufhaus speaks directly to the concept of thinking globally and acting locally.“

Cobi Magazin

It was therefore high time we took a look at e-commerce from a new angle. The result was a digital platform which offers all the advantages of popular online shops but also operates locally – Kiezkaufhaus.

Showcasing pictures of the products was one of the biggest challenges for Scholz & Volkmer because many of  the local retailers did not have a digital or uniform merchandise management system.

Kiezkaufhaus as an investment in a sustainable community

Kiezkaufhaus is a local online market place where independent Wiesbaden-based retailers offer their products. Orders placed before 2 pm. are delivered on the same day with an e-cargo bike and, of course, without packaging in returnable bags. As a result, Kiezkaufhaus is faster and more environmentally friendly than regular online shops. But retailers and customers are not the only ones that benefit from the platform. The city of Wiesbaden loses some €500,000 of tax income annually due to purchases from retailers outside of the city. Kiezkaufhaus therefore ensures that tax revenues remain in the region.

Kiezkaufhaus will be set up in other cities in the future. As a social franchise, it offers all the benefits of commercial franchising – but with an adapted concept designed to promote the common good. If you think that Kiezkaufhaus could be a suitable concept for your neighborhood, just get in touch!


Irmgard Weigl

Project Management / Cooperations

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