Owner: Michael Volkmer
Managing Directors: Peter Post
Founded: September 1994, GmbH (limited liability company)
Locations: Wiesbaden
Employees: 166
Turnover: 14,2 million Euro in 2014
Services: Creative agency for digital brand management
Creative Ranking: . 10th in the interactive creation ranking of w&v (Dezember 2011)
. 10th in the digital creation ranking 2010 (HORIZONT 2011)
. 9th in the creative index of online advertisers (manager magazin 2009)
. 1st in the perpetual ranking of the German Designers Club (DDC 2007)
. 1st of multimedia agencies in the world (AdAge 2001)
Awards: 600 awards since the foundation, 361 of them abroad
. Grand Prix und 6 Cyber Lions in Cannes
. 25 New York Festivals Awards, New York
. 4 ADC Awards, New York
. 34 iF Awards, Hannover
Member of: . Art Directors Club Deutschland (ADC), Berlin
. Deutscher Designer Club (DDC), Frankfurt
. International Forum Design (iF), Hannover
. Texterschmiede, Hamburg