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Nobody Said it was Going to be Easy

The plan is to have one million electric cars on German roads by the year 2020. But it has become clear that this number cannot be achieved, despite the politics of financial incentives. So how do you make driving electric cars attractive to the masses?

Scholz & Volkmer are looking into this, both because the subject is close to their hearts and because they have a brief from Mercedes- Benz. This is how the e-Mobility Hub came into being – another step on the uphill journey towards a paradigm shift. 

Its silent power, its effortless acceleration - anyone driving an electric car for the first time is quickly impressed with the driving performance. This is why Scholz & Volkmer Managing Directors Michael Volkmer and Peter Post are happy to allow their electric vehicle to be test driven at any time, in the hope of winning over new converts to the technology. But it is not that easy. 

“Often I am approached by people who are only looking to have their prejudices reinforced, so that they can continue to drive their diesel vehicle with a clear conscience”.

Peter Post, Geschäftsführer Scholz & Volkmer, driver of an E-Class with plug-in hybrid

Other people see electric cars as being still technically underdeveloped, having a very limited distance range and an insufficient charging infrastructure. This is not all totally false, but also not completely correct. One thing is for sure in any case: We have to show an interest in the new world that is emerging and read up on the different technologies. The good news is that we don’t have to be familiar with all the alternative drive systems, but actually just with one, and that’s the one that is suitable to our own requirements.

This is exactly where the Mercedes-Benz e-Mobility Hub comes in. It gathers up all the information that Mercedes-Benz can offer about e-mobility. At the same time the brand always looks at it from the customer’s perspective – regardless of how much prior knowledge they have. This is why the Hub is categorized into different areas with varying depths of information.

Whether the visitor comes to the page already intending to buy or just to browse and get a rough idea, they will be taken to the right information level in just a few steps. Here the user FAQs play an important role. In this section Mercedes-Benz addresses the most prevalent worries and misapprehensions around the subject of electromobility and in doing so attempts to brush aside the most common preconceptions. 

However, we are still quite a long way from a real change in the perception of electromobility.

The information is out there but we still have to win people over. This is why the Scholz & Volkmer Managing Directors will continue to lend out their cars for test drives, even if they have to do it a million times.

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