Manifesto of USE

Manifesto of USE

Manifesto of USE

We are now witnessing the on- and offline worlds blending into one. Technification of life has implicitly integrated itself into our daily routines − and it’s only just begun! We dedicate ourselves to the creation of products which will improve people’s lives and ultimately help make the world a better place. Driven by innovation, we will inspire our customers to develop products and services that follow an integrated approach of generating more value. Value for our customers, value for their brands and value for their consumers.

Our strategy − our action − IS our manifesto.

The USE // Layer Model

The best solution starts with a good question. With our Layer Model we have developed a blueprint for opportunities and change. We use the layers to interpret innovative solutions and forge them into new products.



Our goal is simple: to create new, high quality standards and products. We set out to defy the preconceptions of what is and is not possible. Our drive, innovation and desire set us on the journey. The intelligent tools and top technology we use get us to the goal. The USE Layer Modell keeps us steadily on our path as we conduct valuable innovation workshops with our customers to visualize product potential and find perfectly tailored solutions.

What we offer

Innovation Consulting

We follow a holistic approach of offering strategic initiatives and thought leadership to our customers. We are experts in consulting companies in product, service and business development, as well as enhancing existing products, services and business models through applied innovation.


Driven by original ideas, and working in close cooperation with our customers, we apply our expertise to conceive new product experiences that aim to meet the challenges that both life and our customers present to us.


We are doers. We form new realities, we don’t only imagine them. As inventors and craftsmen with profound technical knowledge, we are always keen to create prototypes and ignite new digital products using the most advanced technology available.


Relying on our top expertise gathered in various industries, we at USE are proud to offer broad interdisciplinary competence. From strategic consulting to product design and technological development, we guide our products through every stage, from inception to completion.
We are USE. We are looking forward to working with you.

Peter Post
Managing Director
Director USE // Connected
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