Creating Shared Value

At Scholz & Volkmer we have set ourself the goal of aligning our customers' business objectives with the current-day challenges faced by society - shared value. With projects that produce revenue for brands, bring benefits to people and make the world a little bit better. And it works. More and more.


Save the trees – sell the honey

What is good for society is also good for business. Solving the challenges faced by society no longer stands in the way of economic success - it is its very foundation. It fosters innovation and enables brands to break through the media clutter and regain relevance. Shared value makes marketing a service to people and society. It promotes social innovation, rather than putting an attractive packaging on pseudo-innovations. It is the systematic further development of CSR. Because it turns good intentions and idealism into a form of sustainability that is viable for business.


Let's deliver locally: Wiesbaden Kiezkaufhaus.

The Kiezkaufhaus combines local retailers' advantages with the comfort of ordering from your sofa - and grasps the core of shared value. Goods from several local retailers (i.e. cheese shops, organic shops, wine boutiques and familiar book shops) can be ordered through a shared online shop. Messengers riding special delivery e-bikes pick up goods from retailers and deliver them to customers, charging them a small delivery fee. Doing this, the Kiezkaufhaus service values shop owners' needs for support of the local retail business while at the same time considering that single shop owners cannot afford their very own online shop and logistics system. Customers can order comfortably while the delivery of goods through bicycles requires only a relatively small amount of resources. For accompanying the development of the Kiezkaufhaus, a "learning test phase" was started, initially.


Strategy and planning

Together with our customers, we develop a shared-value strategy based on their brand core. We ask painful questions. And generate insights that lead to unique communication and transformational products.

Concept and design

As creative agency, we implement strategic approaches, turning them into tangible concepts, designs and prototypes. Our experts on user experience, content, communities and mobile communication create brand experiences that genuinely involve the users.


Shared value is made scalable by digitalisation. Technology is completely integrated into our creative teams. We can turn the ideas we have into finished products.


The blog

The best shared value cases

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Ideas for shared value


Climate report

We practise what we preach, making us Germany's top climate-neutral digital agency.

Produkte und Plattformen

We have several own platforms and products in the areas of sustainable mobility, energy and consumption avoidance.


We have demonstrated our expertise in over 20 projects, ranging from communication about the environment to smart-home applications.


Stefan Olander President Digital Sport, Nike

“Brands who see the world through the eyes of humanity are more likely to succeed.”

Nike commits itself to combating child obesity and earns fuel when they move.

James Tripodi Global Marketing Director, Coca-Cola

“To reach the connected customer, we need to offer shared value beyound purchase”

Coca-Cola delivers clean water, Internet access, jobs - and Coca-Cola - to isolated regions with its Ekocenter initiative.

Rose Marcario CEO, Patagonia

“We need a world full of people asking deep questions or else we’re not going to have a world to live in.”

Patagonia encourages its customers to only buy what they really need - and has tripled its profits in 5 years.


Michael Porter Harvard Professor

The author of “Creating Shared Value“ has developed an economic model behind shared value and inspired us to renew marketing by integrating shared value.

“Companies can produce a wave of innovations when they align their capitalist goals and the objectives of society.“

Harald Welzer

Sociologist, Professor for Transformation Design and founder of Futur Zwei, he has inspired us to reflect on consumption and our agency model and to rethink our approach.

“You should question senseless consumption rather than blindly following the masses.“

Levine, Locke, Searis, Weinberg

The authors of “Cluetrain Manifesto“ have inspired us to perceive the Internet and the networking of the world not as a revolution of technology, but as a revolution of society.

“The web undermines the power of conventional marketing. It is about people and not about end consumers and target groups.“


Project requests

Nanna Beyer, Director Shared Value, is looking forward to your inquiry and would be happy to provide you with information about the background of our shared value projects.

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Speaker engagements

If you are interested in a presentation on shared value given by the agency's owner Michael Volkmer and Managing Director Peter Post, please contact our assistant, Yamina Hartmann.

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University cooperations

Fostering young talent is a priority for us. We would be delighted to collaborate on projects with institutions of higher education. Please contact Alina Meibom.

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