Some people call it transformation - others call it revolution. Either way, a radical shift in thinking is needed if - with a world population of almost 9 million people - we do not want to drown under mountains of garbage. Scholz & Volkmer has also radically rethought the agency's philosophy. One of our long-term goals is devoted to "environments". In other words, our contribution to a sustainable world.

On the one hand, we have started working on ourselves. We have taken a look at how we "live" in the agency. What we consume and how we can optimise our consumption. On the other hand, we have put our expertise to good use - implementing digital communication that sets new standards. And we do this for both our "good" clients, such as NGOs, foundations, etc. and of course above all for our key account clients.

Scholz & Volkmer's commitment can be split into four main domains, or "environments": the agency, the employees, activities in the region and work for clients. In each of these domains our objective is to develop ideas and concepts and often also experiments that generate awareness for sustainable behaviour.


Our environments projects

Scholz & Volker as a company


Commitment in the region

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