Rui Camilo corporate website

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May 2013

Responsive / Optimised for all devices.

Sub-page / Large-format, simple presentation of the image motifs.

Navigation / The individual menu items can be extended as desired.

Start page / The look & feel of a news blog.


. Task: to completely relaunch the Rui Camilo corporate website, including concept, structure, design, content and technology. Optimisation for mobile devices and creation of a maintainable and expandable CMS, which can be accessed from any location and any device
. Target group: art buyers, art and creative directors, magazines wanting to book Rui Camilo for photo reports, customers and gallery owners/managers wanting to buy pictures/prints
. Objectives: to provide an overview of the entire product spectrum, present Rui Camilo as a person


. A timeless, minimalist interface design focuses on the essentials that art buyers need - the photo motifs and the personality of the photographer behind them
. The home page is structured as a long-scroll page, like a news blog
. Simple to maintain (information, images or documentary film clips) when on the go
. Uniform labelling of all recently uploaded images


. Functional, timeless and responsive interface design
. Flush-left formatting enables an optimum presentation without cropping of image motifs
. Minimalist navigation with a simple colour scheme scrolls at the edge of the screen at all times

Project period:

January 2013 - May 2013