Panasonic HC-V720 – full HD camcorder

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Webspecial and print ad for the Panasonic HC-V720 camcorder

April 2013

Staging / A special photo shoot for the camcorder's key features in Mallorca

Product / The full HD camcorder with integrated WiFi


. Task: to develop a landing page and a print ad for the new Panasonic HC-V720 camcorder
. Target group: 30-45 years, active and young families, people who enjoy travelling
. Objectives: to position the V720 as the ideal camcorder for families, holidays and sports


. Idea: "Be part of your memories!"
. A family spends a day at a Spanish fishing village, documenting it with their V720 camcorder
. Thanks to the built-in WiFi module, which enables the user to remotely control the camcorder via smartphone or tablet PC, pictures can be taken with the whole family. In this way, everyone is part of his memories
. Other special features of the camcorder are staged in the holiday surroundings

Project period:

February 2013 - March 2013