Mercedes-Benz TV YouTube Channel

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December 2012

YouTube channel / tiled surface

YouTube channel / video view

YouTube channel / featured playlists and series

YouTube channel / teaser tile for


. Task: To develop and implement a YouTube brand channel for all Mercedes- contents and to create an appealing gateway to the world of Mercedes-Benz TV
. Target group: YouTube users who are car enthusiasts, Mercedes-Benz TV users and fans
. Objectives: To boost the number of YouTube views by creating an own channel. In addition, to accentuate the relevance of YouTube for Mercedes-Benz by adding a brand-specific home page to the international YouTube channel


. To adapt the TV area to a YouTube custom brand channel
. The channel provides intuitive and exploratory access to current video contents together with complete playlists
. The user can lean back and conveniently consume a collection of film contents in one go
. The YouTube channel reflects the portfolios at the international brand platform and provides an emotional gateway to the channel
. The film contents and/or playlists are based on the seven main Mercedes-Benz TV portfolios (vehicles, innovation, design, history, sports, fashion and zeitgeist)


. Emotional entry-level module (tiled surface incl. video player)
. Easier, clearer and faster access to complete playlists ("lean-back mode")

Project period:

September 2012 - December 2012