Freetoys24 - Campaign against mines and cluster munitions

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"At first glance it looks like a toy. There is rarely a chance for a second look."

December 2012

Freetoys24 / At first glance it is a web shop offering free toys

Freetoys24 / But if the user clicks on one of the toys ...

Freetoys24 / … it explodes, leaving behind a scene of destruction

Freetoys24 / After this shock, the user can immediately make a donation at the Solidaritätsdienst-international e.V website


. Task: Draw attention to the consequences of landmines and cluster munitions for children and generate donations for Solidaritätsdienst-international e. V. (SODI)
. Target group: Adults and visitors who are looking for cheap toys and consumers who are willing to make a donation
. Objectives: Generate awareness for the danger of landmines and cluster munitions for children and, in turn, reach new sponsors and target groups with the issue - in particular for future campaigns


. Idea: Children in former war and crisis zones often mistake landmines and cluster munitions for toys - a fatal error
. "Freetoys24" makes users experience this shock in the Internet. At first glance it is a web shop offering typical children's toys for free
. If the user clicks on one of the supposedly free toys, the product explodes with a loud bang, leaving a scene of destruction
. The user is shaken and, as a result, made aware of the dangers for children in the countries concerned.
. The webspecial is linked to an appeal for donations and provides the possibility to share the campaign in social networks
. A SEM campaign was launched via Google AdWords in the pre-Christmas season. A user searching for "toys" was presented with advertising for the shop
. The name of the shop "Freetoys24" also communicates the idea of objects – supposedly toys - that children can freely access


. Kitschy toys and colourful and flashy typography make the enticing free offer eye-catching
. Elements such as a shopping basket and a language changer give it the feel of a web shop


. Thanks to search engine marketing, every user entering "toy" in Google in the pre-Christmas season received our domain as first hit
. Due to the unconventional implementation, the user is confronted in a shocking manner with the same experience as children in reality worldwide as a result of landmines and cluster munitions. A dangerous explosive is hiding behind a seemingly harmless toy in a seemingly safe and familiar environment
. Real toys were blasted more than 150 times, supervised by a demolition expert from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA)

Project period:

December 2011 - December 2012