Coca-Cola Xmas 2012

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"Coca-Cola is giving you the official Coca-Cola Christmas song. Do something good and give it to someone else!"

November 2012

Start / The users can listen to and download the Christmas song

Customization / The users create their own covers using Facepook pictures

Karaoke / If they wish, the users can sing along to the chorus themselves

Contents / The Coca-Cola TV commercial is also integrated into the campaign website


. Task: Develop an integrated global Christmas campaign for all digital channels
. Target group: Core target group: 14-25 year olds
. Objective: Boost brand loyalty, increase sales, spread the Christmas song


. Campaign claim: "Let's help turn Christmas into a celebration. Coca-Cola is giving you the official Coca-Cola Christmas song. Do something good and give it to someone else!"
. Based on this claim, Coca-Cola gives the users this year's Christmas song and encourages them to give it to someone else
. The focus of the Christmas campaign is the song "Something in the Air"
. Anybody can download the song free-of-charge from the globally implemented campaign website and turn it into their own song
. Users create a digital cover for it per Facebook Connect using their own Facebook contents
. Anybody who wishes can sing along to the chorus themselves and either give their own Karaoke version to friends per eCard or download it
. Coca-Cola donates one Euro to a charity for children in need - "Ein Herz für Kinder" - for each song that is given, up to a total sum of € 250,000
. Local charity projects can be activated or deactivated depending on the market - this makes it possible for the 11 participating countries to implement their own digital Christmas campaigns
. The participating countries can integrate additional local contents into the campaign website if they wish


. In terms of the design, the digital campaign is integrated into the classical TV commercial communication, with a Christmas atmosphere in Santa Claus's living room
. The interface design and the user guidance enable rapid customization of the Christmas song. The user can create a customized, Christmassy booklet with three clicks
. The modular design enables the markets to create their own applications


. Implementation in HTML makes it possible to use the campaign website globally on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones
. Parallel to the campaign website, the benefits of each digital channel are fully exploited. The truck tour is shown with all the tour stops on the campaign website, the event details on each stop and the user picture galleries are linked from the website and shown in Facebook

Project period:

March 2012 - November 2012