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Online game promoting the DB Regio NRW rail travel card

September 2012

Start / The game begins

Game / The user travels through North Rhine-Westphalia in a virtual environment ...

Aim / ... and collects tickets falling from the sky, which trigger a variety of events

Victory / If the player collects 40 tickets in 45 seconds, he can take part in a sweepstakes to win a Mac Book Pro


. Task: To design and implement an online game with a high entertainment factor The fun game serves as an activating step enabling players to participate in a sweepstakes for a Mac Book Pro
. Target group: Young people starting their careers, aged up to 25 years
. Objective: To generate awareness for the DB Regio NRW rail travel card


. Idea: The Regio NRW winning express as a fun challenge for a young target group
. The player catches monthly travel cards falling from the sky with a regional express train
. A variety of bonus elements help him to do this, while obstacles hinder his journey
. If the player manages to catch all of the tickets within a short period of time, he has a one-time opportunity to register to take part in a sweepstakes to win a Mac Book Pro


. The design is adapted to the ease of playing the game, without lapsing into comic style
. The train travels through paper-like abstract landscapes of North Rhine-Westphalia. Some sights that are typical of the area are incorporated to create a link to the region for players
. Three different levels of background move at different speeds in the opposite direction to the train, bringing dynamics into the game
. A parallax effect gives it a generally angular feel
. The game is exciting and realistic thanks to animations such as sound and visual navigation effects (friction, acceleration, etc.)

Project period:

September 2012 - September 2012