Fluxus "Piano Interactivities"

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Interactive installation for the 50th anniversary of the Fluxus movement

August 2012

Certificate at DMMA Onlinestar

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. Task: An online work of art is created for the 50th anniversary of the "Fluxus Festival of the Latest Music" - the birth of the Fluxus movement. It aims to draw the attention of art enthusiasts worldwide to Wiesbaden in the Internet.
. Target group: All "Fluxists", i.e. the artists themselves and also the large amount of Fluxus fans and art enthusiasts in Wiesbaden and Web users worldwide.
. Objective: To generate awareness for the topic of Fluxus and, specifically, for the Year of Fluxus in Wiesbaden.


. To develop a website in connection with an interactive installation at the Wiesbaden museum
. The heart of the 1962 Wiesbaden Festival was a piece of art named "Piano Activities", which involved "playing" a grand piano in an unconventional manner, with it ending up being completely destroyed. This piece is performed once again in 2012; however, this time the piano is destroyed by Internet users across the world
. In real time, users can steer machines remotely such as electric saws and an axe, causing the grand piano to make not very gentle tones
. A video stream transmits live from the Wiesbaden Museum, where the interactive piano installation is assembled. The users can steer the installation from their browsers via Arduino technology and, as a result, witness their own Fluxus works of art


. The design is based on Fluxus art and the look of the 60s A central element is the "scores" that are typical of Fluxus - mainly type-written instructions about how to stage the performance
. The machines installed on the piano are all developed in-house, built by the artist Hannes Waldschütz
. They are controlled by so-called Arduino boards, which transfer the user's instructions from the Internet to the installation's electric motors


. With "Piano Interactivities", for the first time everybody can be a Fluxus artist; people can put on a performance of their own in the cradle of Fluxus without leaving their homes. Fluxus is coming home
. The museum visitors can also experience the installation at very close range

Project period:

January 2012 - August 2012


. Certificate at DMMA Onlinestar