Coca-Cola "Dreh den Sommer auf!"

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The perfect summer soundtrack - a Spotify playlist and a customized cover image

July 2012

Bronze at New Media Award

"Dreh den Sommer auf" / DAS BO presents his playlists

"Dreh den Sommer auf" / The users make their own Spotify playlists ...

"Dreh den Sommer auf" / ... post them on Facebook ...

"Dreh den Sommer auf" / ... and decorate them with a cover made from their Facebook pictures


. Task: To develop an activation concept, including roadmap, for the 2012 Coca-Cola music programme
. Target group: Teens and young adults
. Objective: To recruit the teens and young adult target group and strengthen the Coca-Cola brand within this target group


. Idea: In collaboration with Spotify, the online music service, users can create summer playlists and make them a cover using pictures from their Facebook photo albums.
. The campaign's brand ambassador is the cult rapper DAS BO.
. As music expert, DAS BO puts together a weekly summer playlist with 40 tracks for a period of 10 weeks.
. Similarly, the users can make their own playlists with customized covers. A genuine "only-coke-can-do benefit", as this was not previously possible at Spotify.
. Every week, the user playlist with the most subscriptions wins a premium annual subscription to Spotify.
. Due to an automatic sharing functionality, each interaction with the Coca-Cola summer playlist is posted on Facebook and can then be liked, shared or commented on.
. During the campaign period, Coca-Cola is prominently branded on Spotify, occupying the majority of advertising space (display ads, playlists, audio commercials, etc.)
. A newly developed app page makes the application possible - a combination between a microsite and an app - which is implemented for the first time for this campaign on Spotify


. The design is visually based on the Coca-Cola claim and key visual used in TV and out-of-home media.
. The application integrates emotional images such as sun, sea and sand, showing the target group "happy summer moments", and is therefore an optimum environment for a musical summer feeling for the Spotify users


. The users make a customized cover from their Facebook profile photos and pictures from their Facebook albums for their playlists - a novelty at Spotify

Project period:

June 2012 - July 2012


. Bronze at New Media Award