Brand Relaunch / Online Shop Launch

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The Soul of Montblanc. Creation of an Integrated Brand and Shop Website.

September 2011

Montblanc Homepage / A journey through the brand world

Generative Art / Each product is turned into a digital work of art

eCommerce / Welcome to the Montblanc online shop

Attention to detail / The brand values are continued online


Task: Relaunch the international brand website and launch the first Montblanc online shop worldwide.
. Creation of an integrated brand and shop website
. Establish a meaningful link between the collections and culture and the arts, as well as to the e-shop within the website
. Create an online digital experience that is close to the shopping experience in real shops: luxury shopping, exclusivity and high-quality presentation of the products
. Present and link corporate communications, brand communication and e-commerce
. A web portal that meets the requirements of Montblanc as brand and guides the visitor through the brand world - from the first impression through to the e-shop


. The DNA of the brand can be found in the products; it is the “soul”
. Five renowned international generative artists visualize this soul; “digital” works of arts have been generated for each product category
. The product features generate their own stage, unique design forms and an abstract creative implementation of themes such as time, fragrance, material, origin and functionality
. The craftsmanship, precision and materials generate a digital work of art for each product with its own genetic information


. Design of interface elements is based on the unique “Montblanc genetics”
. Contrasts such as, for example, “black-white” and “bold-fine” play a role
. The highlight of the design is the collaboration with five renowned international generative artists; each of them individually depicted the soul of a particular product group in his or her personal style


. Development of processing tools specifically to decrypt the “genetics” of more than 1400 individual products
. Interpretations of colour, surface, materials can be found in the artistic visualizations, extending each product by an animation
. The generative approach was also applied to the sound
. Product staging was accentuated by an abstract, changing soundscape
. Sound design: Simple, few and not very complex sounds communicate delicacy, precision and classical elegance - based on classical instruments such as the piano, flute, etc.