EA Battlefield 3 YouTube campaign

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You're right in the middle. Faster than you think.

October 2011

Campaign on Youtube / The Youtube channel has been extended with an iFrame by Google

Media on Youtube / Battlefield 3 is prominently played on the start page

Banner campaign / Omnipresent banners lead to the Youtube channel

Facebook app / The user inserts a picture of himself into the template, turning himself into a "man on fire"


Task: Develop a digital campaign for the launch date of Battlefield 3, action highlight of the year by Electronic Arts/Dice
. Digitally stage the launch of the product as a major media event
. The online advertising measures should reflect the power and size of the product
. The core idea of the campaign focuses on the realism that makes the gaming atmosphere so special and the gaming experience so exciting: You’re right in the middle. Faster than you think
. All of the measures show how the player is drawn into the game – as fighter on a battlefield - by the action highlight of the year
. Reach new customer segments outside of the core target group
. Increase the awareness of Battlefield 3 beyond the core target group


. The banners demonstrate the speed at which the user is drawn into combat by Battlefield 3
. By means of tracking, the date, time and place of the individual viewer is captured and integrated into the banner
. This and the scenes shown from the game illustrate that the fighting is taking place more or less outside the viewer’s own front door

. The user’s first impression is that he is at a regular YouTube page and is going to watch the latest trailer
. Suddenly the camera zooms in, the video window is integrated into a gaming scene and the user is attacked by an enemy – in a typical first-person perspective
. Also here: Right in the middle. Faster than you think

Facebook app:
. With the help of the app the user is turned into a "man on fire"
. A familiar mechanism transforms the user into a real battlefield soldier, by inserting a photo of himself into the template
. With his profile picture, the user can demonstrate just how much he “is burning” for the action highlight of the year


. The design is adapted to the umbrella campaign and develops a powerful and particular battlefield atmosphere based on Key-Art
. The core idea and design can be found in all the campaign media: the location within the online banner, the moment of surprise on the channel and the user as "man on fire" in the Facebook app


. The banners operate with an IP tracking mechanism, making it possible to visualize the user’s location on the banner
. The Youtube channel has been extended with an iFrame by Google, in which the “zoom mechanism” and the actual channel are located

Project period:

July 2011 - August 2011


. Winner (Gold) at Bees Award