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Digital Montblanc Advisor for iPads

September 2011

Montblanc / apps boutique for mobile devices

Montblanc collectables / detailed views of the exclusive collections

Montblanc collectables / overview of pens and details of the collection

Montblanc timepieces / in detail


. Develop a digital assistant to support Montblanc boutique employees by developing product advice skills.
. Boost sales by supporting employees with the sales process for products requiring considerable advice
. Intensify the buying experience in the Montblanc boutiques
. Target group: demanding international premium customers in boutiques across the world


. All Montblanc products have a story to tell before they become lifelong companions
. The Montblanc boutique apps make it possible to experience the hidden qualities of the products on iPads


. Integrated into the Montblanc online corporate design
. Hidden and fascinating details are revealed to customers
. Visual and intuitive navigation
. Discreet and elegant choice of colour as well as high-quality images reflect the exclusivity of the Montblanc brand
. Focus on the products


. High-resolution pictures, tracking shots inside the watches, exploded graphics, close-up shots of pen nibs
. Smart navigation in the product area, which intelligently links contents
. The application is distributed via an in-house app store specifically developed for Montblanc (Montblanc AppBoutique)

Project period:

September 2010 - September 2011