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Online special for the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class

September 2005

Silver at the International Automotive Advertising Awards

Home / Introduction to the three topics: New S-Class, History and PRE-SAFE.

PRE-SAFE / 3D films present the S-Class realistically.

Night driving assistant / Animations visualise technical flows.

Comand-controller / Detailed view of the interior, here the dashboard and display concept.


. Concept and implementation of a web special for the S-Class BR 221 market launch
. Integrative motto/claim: Be ahead ("Look ahead, ride ahead. The new S-Class.")
. Present brand/product as "ahead of the times", address target group as leaders
. Communicate brand topics security and comfort on the basis of presenting the S-Class as a next generation car against the background of the history of the product line
. Integrating the new 5P security system, PRO-SAFE


. A guided interactive audio tour which explains complex topics in a comprehensible manner while stirring emotions.
. Presentation of the new and improved security and comfort of the S-Class
. Presentation of the S-Class limousine and its predecessors using eight short films with historical content


. 3D representation in photographic quality, illuminated to achieve images rich in contrast
. Reduced realistic environment in order to draw attention to the vehicle and its features
. Generous serif typography for emotional and superior headlines


. Audio user guide
. High-quality 3D animations
. Simple, clear explanations of complex technical topics

Project period:

March 2005 - September 2005


. Shortlist at the Deutscher Multimedia Award
. Silver at the International Automotive Advertising Awards