Coca-Cola Social Media Newsroom – UEFA EURO 2016

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Real Time Marketing From a Media Hub

Anything can happen in football! That is why there is often a buzz on social media around individual players during championships – and not only when a player has been bitten! It is much more difficult for an international brand to participate in all this buzz than it is for an individual. As an answer to this problem, Coca-Cola heralded in the "Social Media Newsroom" for the first time with the EURO 2016, so that European representatives from Coca-Cola’s content, branding, products and legal departments were able to use the Scholz & Volkmer creation to react fast and create and post social content. During the four-week championship, 500 photos and animated GIFs to do with the championship, the individual players and current news, were posted to 15 European markets in 13 languages.

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